Maximize Performance of your Mult-IP Mobile VPN with Version 3.6 -- Enhanced load balancing, fleet-wide GPS data and optimized gateway performance

Version 3.6 enhances load balancing, supports fleet-wide GPS data and optimizes gateway performance

June 27, 2012

Radio IP Software continues the evolution of its Mobile VPN solutions with advanced features and functionalities to overcome the challenges associated with wireless networks.  Mult-IP version 3.6.0 offers a suite of upgraded features to optimize the performance of your Mult-IP mobile VPN.

Radio IP worked directly with its customers and partners to incorporate targeted functionality that augments the agility and flexibility of Mult-IP. The release of software version 3.6.0 delivers:

  • Support for Motorola DataTAC extended to Load Balancing mode
    By interfacing with Mobility Manager 2.0, Mult-IP load balancing gateways efficiently handle traffic from field devices connecting to Motorola RNCs.
  • Support for Calamp’s Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
    Mult-IP Client can now be configured to handle RSSI in-coverage/out-of-coverage notifications built into Gemini G3 modems. This enhancement allows Calamp-enabled mobiles to seamlessly roam to other available drivers native to their group policies under fringe or loss of coverage conditions.
  • Support for Harris OpenSky
    Mult-IP now supports the data capabilities of the Harris OpenSky trunking radio system through PPP mode in addition to the SLIP mode already available.
  • Support for GPS Director 2.0
    Mult-IP incorporates a GPS Director plugin to facilitate acquisition of positioning data from GPS-enabled fleet mobiles. GPS-Director then takes over and forwards coordinates to applications such as CAD.
  • Accelerated Gateway Database Configuration and Installation
    Turnkey installation option greatly simplifies client set-up for accelerated deployment.
  • Streamlined User Documentation
    Mult-IP end-user documentation is now divided in two distinct guides for quicker access to information.  The Mult-IP Installation Guide (available in PDF only) focuses on prerequisites, step-by-step component installation and initial configuration.  The Mult-IP Administration Guide discusses advanced system administration and maintenance. This guide is available as a printable PDF from the installation folder as well as online by launching the management console and clicking the Mult-IP Online menu item.

Mult-IP, the industry’s only true network-agnostic mobile VPN solution, is a sophisticated MVPN that seamlessly roams between all-IP and non-IP networks and easily supports both best-effort and time-sensitive multimedia services.  Furthermore, Mult-IP delivers advanced administrative functions including multi-agency support and unique application-steering capabilities while maintaining the highest level of end-to-end security available today.

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  • Mobile data has transitioned from the status of “nice to have” to the requirement of “need to have” in today’s complex world of policing. The Radio IP product and technical support offered by your staff members always helps to insure our officers are well facilitated with mobile computing connectivity, which positively impacts not only their safety, but also those that they serve and protect.

    Tim Trager, Deputy Division Chief - San Bernardino County
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