Radio IP and Genesis Sign Technology Partnership

Genesis to develop next generation reporting engine for Radio IP's suite of mobile VPN products

August 2, 2010

Houston, Texas - APCO Conference - August 3, 2010 - Radio IP Software Inc., a leading developer of advanced mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, today announced a technology partnership with The Genesis Group, a leading provider of innovative management software for the trunking network industry. The Genesis Group will develop an advanced, standalone reporting platform for Radio IP's family of mobile VPN products, including the MTG, ipUnplugged and Mult-IP software suites. Moving forward, both companies will initiate co-marketing activities to their partner ecosystem and end-user customers as part of a worldwide referral agreement.

"The rapid growth in mobile workforces is driving the need for more accurate and timely business intelligence," said Patrick Tabourin, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management at Radio-IP. "Genesis has built a very solid reputation for developing creative and innovative management software solutions, and we're looking forward to launching our next generation reporting engine in partnership with Genesis by the end of 2010."

The technology partnership will result in advanced reporting functionalities for Radio-IP's customers, including the unique ability to monitor networks, trunks, and mobile VPNs simultaneously. New reporting capabilities will capture vital statistics such as trunk utilization, network and VPN connectivity issues, and roaming frequency - by application and by network - providing IT administrators the necessary intelligence for immediate decision making and future planning.

"We're extremely proud to partner with Radio IP, a leader for the coming high speed wireless data explosion," said Phil Burks, President of the Genesis Group. "This is a case of two ‘best of breed' companies in conversation about each other's needs, with the result being one very strong partnership of talent."

About Radio IP Software Inc.
Radio IP Software leverages a broad portfolio of intellectual property to deliver innovative mobile data connectivity solutions that provide mobile and in-motion workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks.

About The Genesis Group
For more than 20 years, Genesis has been developing state-of-the-art programs and tools to maximize the capabilities of trunked radio systems. Flexible, multi-featured and modular, Genesis solutions give the trunking system manager total management, monitoring and reporting solutions.

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