Radio IP and HCL AXON Sign Global Strategic Alliance

HCL AXON and Radio IP Software Launch Combined Enterprise Mobility Solution on HCL's Citizen Connect Platform

June 27, 2012

HCL AXON and Radio IP Software Launch Combined Enterprise Mobility Solution on HCL’s Citizen Connect™ Platform

London, UK/Noida, India, 13th June 2012 - HCL AXON, the Enterprise Application Services division of HCL Technologies, announced that it has successfully developed a joint enterprise mobility solution on its HCL Citizen Connect™ platform as part of their global strategic alliance with Radio IP Software, the developer of advanced mobile virtual private network (MVPN) solutions. The prime focus of the partnership draws upon the strengths of each company in providing a combined go-to-market (GTM) strategy, delivering combined value added mobility solution offerings to HCL AXON and Radio IP Software customers, as well as prospective clients in the Public Services market globally.

HCL AXON is an established player in the Criminal Justice and Public Safety space and has pioneered HCL Citizen Connect™, an enterprise mobility platform that delivers leading-edge business transformation solutions to Public Service organisations. The platform enables Justice and Public safety companies to redeploy officers and staff for front line services; integrates their organisation and co-ordinates responses that help to manage and prevent major incidents. HCL Citizen Connect™ is having a significant impact in keeping members of the public safe and reassured.

Commenting on the success of the partnership, Steve Cardell, President, HCL AXON said, “The coming together of HCL AXON and Radio IP Software marks a successful leap forward in enabling seamless communications and front line business transformation effectiveness within the Public Services market. This is particularly significant during the challenging times of public sector finances against the backdrop of increased global threats of organised crime”.

Radio IP Software‟s suite of mobility solutions has been fully integrated into HCL‟s Citizen Connect™ Platform, covering front line operational processes like crime, intelligence, case, custody, major incident management and community policing. Furthermore, Radio IP Software‟s solution enables seamless routing of information between different commercial carrier networks and secure dedicated public sector radio networks such as TETRA, enabling effective collaboration between the emergency services. The combined experience of HCL AXON‟s business transformation capabilities and Radio IP‟s technological expertise allows for seamless interoperability within the industry.

Frank Draper, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Radio IP Software added:
“Radio IP has more than a decade of experience in delivering innovative, effective and secure mobility solutions to Public Safety users across Canada and the United States. We are confident that our partnership with HCL AXON will help to deliver MVPN solutions that provide mobile workforces with secure, real-time access to a wide range of applications and networks. The combined strength of both partners is instrumental in expanding our global footprint within the Public Services sector”.

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  • Mobile data has transitioned from the status of “nice to have” to the requirement of “need to have” in today’s complex world of policing. The Radio IP product and technical support offered by your staff members always helps to insure our officers are well facilitated with mobile computing connectivity, which positively impacts not only their safety, but also those that they serve and protect.

    Tim Trager, Deputy Division Chief - San Bernardino County
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