Radio IP Awarded Mobile VPN Contract for Anchorage Police Department

Mult-IP to Deliver Integrated DataRadio G2, CalAmp G3 and Cellular Mobile VPN

August 21, 2012

Radio IP Awarded Contract to Deliver Integrated DataRadio G2, CalAmp G3 and Cellular Mobile VPN for Anchorage Police Department

Mult-IP mobile VPN uniquely transitions between multiple networks without losing connections while increasing situational awareness with patented GPS capabilities

Minneapolis, MN, August 21, 2012 -- Radio IP Software Inc., a leading developer of advanced Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) software solutions, in partnership with ProComm Alaska, today announced its Mult-IP solution was selected by the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska to support the mobile communications needs of its law enforcement agency.  The Mult-IP mobile VPN solution plays a significant role in the overall project, which is valued at $3.2 million and also encompasses CalAmp base stations and dual-band modems.  ProComm Alaska, a leading integrator of mobile communications solutions in Alaska, spearheaded the joint proposal and will provide the municipality with on-going technical support throughout the deployment phase.

Covering thousands of square miles of geographically diverse terrain, the Municipality of Anchorage chose Mult-IP for its unique ability to seamlessly transition between legacy and IP-based networks, allowing its law enforcement personnel to roam throughout the territory without losing connectivity.  Additionally, patented GPS functionality allows administrators to monitor every GPS receiver deployed in the jurisdiction from a single location – regardless of the back-end system protocol (i.e. AVL, CAD/RMS, etc.). Whether it is the patrolman’s mobile computer or smartphone, each mobile asset is identified by a device-specific address ensuring total precision. At the agency level, management is facilitated by logical grouping of individuals into respective departments.

“ProComm was focused on providing the Municipality of Anchorage with a turn-key solution that streamlined collaboration between law enforcement and staff, ensuring reliable, coordinated responses in emergency situations as well as day-to-day first responder incidents,” said Gary Peters, CEO of ProComm. “The Mult-IP mobile VPN plays a critical role in this solution by ensuring deployed mobile fleets can be reliably tracked in real-time, and that regardless of what network resources are available in any given area (3G/4G, PMR, WiFi, etc.), users can tap into the available bandwidth from all networks to run multiple applications simultaneously and securely.”

“Radio IP is proud to have been selected for this ambitious project which clearly demonstrates the commitment of the Municipality of Anchorage to deliver timely and effective public safety services,” said Frank Draper, VP Sales and Marketing at Radio IP.  “We worked closely with ProComm to deliver a scalable, reliable solution that continues to realize a return on the municipality’s investment in existing radio communication networks while providing a seamless upgrade path to profitably integrate new IP technologies as they become available.”

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