Radio IP unveils data analysis tool

Radio IP unveils data analysis tool

March 23, 2016

Radio IP successfully launched Synopsis, its new data aggregation and analysis tool while attending the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) held in Las Vegas from March 21-25.


With this new tool, mobile fleet managers will have access to customized reports on their network and software performance to better understand trends and improve control of their fleet. Synopsis seamlessly connects into Mult-IP engine to provide in-depth analysis, trending, and auditing.

Attending the IWCE, Radio IP COO Roch Tremblay said he was pleased by the excitement Synopsis generated amongst clients. The company undertakes important efforts to provide innovative solutions to its clients. “Access to data provides significant advantages which our clients, like all companies, would like to benefit from. Synopsis will enable them to build a data-driven strategy, to better understand and manage their reality” said Roch Tremblay. Ultimately, this tool will provide clients with a better control over their mobile security.

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  • Mobile data has transitioned from the status of “nice to have” to the requirement of “need to have” in today’s complex world of policing. The Radio IP product and technical support offered by your staff members always helps to insure our officers are well facilitated with mobile computing connectivity, which positively impacts not only their safety, but also those that they serve and protect.

    Tim Trager, Deputy Division Chief - San Bernardino County
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