Is YOUR Mobile VPN 4G Ready?
What you need to know to keep your networks running smoothly & effectively

By Frank Draper, Radio IP Software

One must first understand that there are 2 types of 4G Networks: the public 4G networks that belong to the Carriers and operate in their specific frequency bands (1800 to 2100 MHz) and the private 4G networks that will be owned by Public Safety agencies (Police, Fire, EMS, etc.), generally operating in the 700 MHz band - often referred to as the “D” block frequencies.

It is important to understand these different networks in order for Public Safety (PS) Agencies to make “FULL” use of the benefits of advanced 4G technologies. PS Agencies are likely to use both, roaming in and out of each of these networks in order to make best use of the coverage offered by each. So is this done easily?

QoS is Key
Mobile Virtual Private Networks (MVPNs) are essential for today’s ultra-mobile PS workforces. No doubt the promise of faster speeds expected with 4G (LTE & WiMAX) carrier deployments will greatly benefit these road warriors, but there are some precautions that must be followed prior to incorporating 4G services to ensure your MVPN server doesn’t become a bottleneck. It is also crucial to recognize that special functions are required in your MVPN to be QoS (Quality of Service) capable, an important aspect of your network

Traditionally, PS MVPNs were designed to transmit the most amount of data possible over a small wireless channel, i.e. narrowband networking. The continuing evolution of wireless networks is resulting in a range of 2G, 3G, 3G+ and 4G wireless assets. Add to this the consolidation of PS departments, not to mention budget restrictions, and it becomes clear that 4G MVPN deployments must deliver the flexibility to adapt to dynamic environments without impacting mission critical communications and do all this in a cost-effective, secure manner.Read more>>

Capitalize on the Performance and Flexibility of 4G Networking

Leveraging 4G networks is a must for today’s mission-critical communications. Public safety, utility and transportation agencies are incorporating 4G cellular or private 700 MHz solutions into their overall network strategies to benefit from better performance and improved response times. The right Mobile VPN (MVPN) is key to enabling these value added features without sacrificing Quality of Service and security.

Maximizing the benefits of 4G wireless networks in a MVPN begins with ensuring support for the new networking protocols such as cellular and 700 mhz LTE, WiMAX, while simultaneously leveraging the support for all wireless network technologies, including IP/non-IP based Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks, public/private 2G/3G/4G wireless networks and broad based satellite networks. more>>

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